Pink Ribbon pink ribbon pilates for cancer rehab

The Pink Ribbon Pilates program provides women with additional aids for recovery from their surgery whether they have had a lumpectomy, a full mastectomy or something in between.

Restoring Movement, Enhancing Wellness

During the course of the program, participants will be shown how to progressively stretch and strengthen their shoulders, chest and back to regain full range of movement and reduce risk of lymphoedema – a very common and debilitation condition associated with removals of lymph nodes.

In addition to the purely physical benefits already outlined, the program will help improve posture, alleviate pain, reduce stress and enhance energy levels. It is suitable for those recovering from recent surgery and for those who are many years post surgery. Our instructors have seen first-hand how Pilates can have a positive impact on our client’s lives. Please read our client testimonials below.

We work with women of all ages, from all walks of life to design programs they can work on in the studio, but also at home. We provide a follow up program with books and DVDs for all participants. If you’d like to learn more or would just like to have a chat about your options, please call Anna on 087 951 8097.

I started Pilates classes at Reform to improve my tennis game many years after my surgery. I felt that I needed more flexibility especially in my hips and legs. I was amazed when I started to notice a difference in how my chest and shoulder felt. I never thought I would regain movement and strength in that area. I would highly recommend the classes at Reform, they are small and personal, exactly what I needed.

Sally Anne

I started the Pink Ribbon Pilates program with Anna a few months after my surgery as I was nearing the end of my chemo. I had done all my physiotherapy exercises diligently but was reluctant to return to the gym as I felt I was so weak in my right shoulder and chest. The physio in the hospital suggested the program. I was also nervous of lymphodema having had quite a few lymph nodes removed. After a few private sessions, I began to feel some strength return and the back pain I was experiencing also began to subside. I currently attend a weekly mat class at Reform, having progressed to this level over a couple of months. I am delighted I found the program.

Mary B