reform Prenatal Classes

reform-pilates-bellyup-pre-natal-class-classBellyUp PreNatal Mat and SpringChair Classes

These classes are suitable for all those over 12 weeks pregnant with a low risk pregnancy (if your pregnancy is categorised as high risk please provide a doctor’s note to say it is safe for you to attend class). Reform Pilates prenatal classes are customized to suit the needs of pregnant women in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

The overriding goal of prenatal mat Pilates is to maintain core strength to support the back, hips, and stomach and to help during childbirth and assist with recovery. Prenatal Stability Chair Pilates also focuses on strengthening the thighs and bum as well as the upper body to assist with the demands of looking after a baby.

As a bonus, many Pilates mums find that postpartum recovery is faster because of the existing core strength and muscle awareness. Pilates mums find that they get back into shape faster, have fewer physical complaints during and after pregnancy, and have easier deliveries!