Reform Pilates iPhone Apps

Post Natal Pregnancy Apple Itunes Store Pilates App by AnnaLife is a Workout…especially if you are a new mum. The demands on a woman’s body post- delivery are immense and so many women put fitness off their ‘to do’ list when baby is born. A fit body and mind is of huge benefit to a new mum in order to cope with lack of sleep, sore backs and weakened muscles.

Check out our three apps:

  1. For mums who recently had a baby (1+month)
  2. For mums who are 4+ months post birth
  3. The app to rule them all! Combining the first two

Features of the Postnatal Pilates by Reform Apps include:

  • A range of 15-20 minute workouts to choose from with high definition images and
    video demonstrations
  • Workouts containing specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to
    reduce incidences of related medical conditions and strengthen the deep abdominals
  • Safe workouts for those with a separation of the abdominal wall (diastasis recti)
  • Play-all feature allows you to run through all the video exercises at your own pace