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To book a pilates class in or a workshop in our Dublin studio you can download our app, Apple or Android, or book via our website.

Exercise Apps

Post Natal Pregnancy Apple Itunes Store Pilates App by AnnaLife is a Workout…especially if you are a new mum. The demands on a woman’s body post- delivery are immense and so many women put fitness off their ‘to do’ list when baby is born. A fit body and mind is of huge benefit to a new mum in order to cope with lack of sleep, sore backs and weakened muscles.

Check out our three apps:

  1. For mums who recently had a baby (1+month)

  2. For mums who are 4+ months post birth

  3. The app to rule them all! Combining the first two

Features of the Postnatal Pilates by Reform Apps include:

  • A range of 15-20 minute workouts to choose from with high definition images and

    video demonstrations

  • Workouts containing specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to

    reduce incidences of related medical conditions and strengthen the deep abdominals

  • Safe workouts for those with a separation of the abdominal wall (diastasis recti)

  • Play-all feature allows you to run through all the video exercises at your own pace