Reform Over 55s Classes

reform-dublin-over-50sOver 55s Pilates Mat and SpringChair @ Reform

Our Over 55’s program is for all those looking to remain strong and active as they get older. Reform offers a weekly class on the mat using small apparatus and on the SpringChair (see photo!).

Both classes use traditional Pilates exercises to improve core strength from the inside using the pelvic floor muscles. They also focuses on increasing flexibility while improving spinal mobility for men and women over 55. The difference between the mat and the SpringChair class is that the SpringChair classes also focuses on improving balance and functional movement (as many of the exercises are done standing).

Both classes are completely safe for those with low bone density (osteopenia/osteoperosis) providing a recommended combination of balance, resistance and impact exercises. They are also beneficial for those with arthritis through isolated movements of the joints as well as those recovering from hip and knee replacements.

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