Polish Your Practice this Autumn!

Do you really love Pilates?  Would you like to polish your practice this Autumn/Winter? 

Why not join Aoife over six  Sundays and take a unique in-depth look at the Pilates Method? From the history and principles underpinning the method to the Pre-Pilates exercises, TV exercises, Basic Mat exercises and beyond.  Learn about common postural types and how to identify what your “type” is. Understand what exercises you should be doing to keep your body balanced and aligned for life.  Get to grips with your body and the body of work that is Pilates in this series of interesting and enjoyable classes.

Each 2 hour workshop will be held on Sundays in the mat room at Reform Pilates. All are welcome to join.

Price: €275

Dates: September 29, October 13 & 27, November 10 & 24, December 01

Time: 3pm – 5pm

Bookings: Call or email Anna (anna@reformpilates.ie/0876719670)

About Aoife King

I trained as a Classical Pilates Instructor in Los Angeles, in 2005 and as a contemporary teacher in Paris with Balanced Body University in 2009.  A bi-lingual, English-French teacher and a Psychology grad, I draw on my Pilates education and my wider interest of movement and mental well-being in all my classes.  I am particularly passionate about the benefits of Pilates in terms of movement and posture and have seen consistent improvements in mobility, strength, confidence, grace and ease of movement over and over again in people who have a regular Pilates practice.