Christmas Masterclasses at Reform

We are officially closed for regular classes from 24th December to 1st January this year, however, we have scheduled a few special masterclasses for those of you looking to move and breathe again after the big day!

Friday 28th December, 10am – 11.30am – ‘The Classics’ with Anna

In this 90 minute masterclass, we will go through Joseph Pilates’ original set of movements in the order he gave from his 1945 book Return to Life Through Contrology. Given the time of year, we will begin by mobilising and releasing, and then go straight into the 34 movements that formed the basis of Pilates as we know it today.
This workshop is suitable for all ages. It is not suitable for those with acute and recent disc injuries, hip replacements, osteoperosis or pregnancy.

Friday 28th December, 11.30am – 1pm –  Foam Roller Release (and Challenge) with Anna

A 90 minute masterclass focused on using the foam roller (and other props) to release tension in the muscles using various techniques. You will work through the three main kinetic chains in the body to ensure that all the kinks are removed!
For the second part of the class we will use the roller to challenge the body’s stabilizing muscles, so often ignored in everyday activities.
Suitable for all levels as well as for those with pain or with unresolved tightness in the body.

Sunday 30th December 4.30pm- 6pm – Mindful Moving (back and hip release) with Tara

Would you like to feel more ease in your body (particularly in your back and hips)? Have more energy to spring into 2019? Create a good exercise plan for the new year ? Join Tara for a blend of Pilates, yoga and breath-works – perfect to set you up for the New Year!

All classes are €30 each, you can book your spot here, just scroll forwards to Christmas week (or call Anna on 0876719670) .