roller work in reform pilates class

Autumn Masterclass and Workshops

Our Pop-Up masterclasses and workshops are a fantastic way to complement regular Pilates practise and to learn more about your body and the reasons Pilates ‘works’ on so many levels. With that in mind we have planned these sessions with external and in-house instructors over the coming  months:


Sunday 23rd September 3.30 – 5pm : Foam Roller Release with Anna

A 90 minute masterclass focused on using the foam roller (and other props) to release tension (trigger points) in the muscles using various neuromuscular techniques.  You will work through the three main kinetic chains in the body to ensure that all the kinks are removed!
Suitable for all levels as well as for those with pain or with unresolved tightness in the body.

Saturday 20th October 3.00 – 5.00pm : Hip Opener with Gigi

If you’re an active runner, a triathlete, a couch potato or a desk jockey. You have one common body restriction. Tight hips! Our sedentary lifestyles and the faulty movement patterns that we have in our bodies due to external stress that we put on ourselves can contribute to tension and restriction in our hips. This can sometimes lead to lower back pain and has a tendency to work either up or down the kinetic chain of the body. Our bodies hold on to emotions creating tension. The hips are often the center of many stuck suppressed emotions by releasing muscular tension, old stuck emotions can be shifted, leaving us feeling lighter and freer.

Join Gigi Tynan on the 20th of OCT for a 2-hour workshop in Reform Blackrock. She will be starting with a brief overview of the anatomy of the pelvis and its function. Then she will be guiding you through a number of movements on the mat and chair. Focusing on alignment pelvic stability, hip disassociation, fascial release on the surrounding superficial muscles, and safe hip opening stretches and poses.  We will end the workshop with some healthy home-made treats and herbal tea where we can leave the last 15 minutes for any questions anyone has.


Sunday 21st October, 3.00 – 5.00pm : Your Post Baby Body (and how to safely strengthen it) with Anna

Pregnancy and labour inevitably changes our bodies, however those changes are rarely discussed and new Mums are expected to ‘bounce back’. Associated problems often go unaddressed, despite often being easily solved.
During this 2 hour workshop, we will explain complications such as incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti and take you through a series of Pilates-based exercises designed to help you restore balance in the muscles of the pelvis and  resolve related issues. Suitable for anyone who is at least 10 weeks post-natal.

Book your place here sooner rather than later (just scroll forward to the date of the class) ….€30 per masterclass class, €40 per workshop