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Pop Up Pilates! Workshops and Masterclasses

Our Pop-Up masterclasses and workshops are a fantastic way to complement regular Pilates practise and to learn more about your body and the reasons Pilates ‘works’ on so many levels. We have planned three masterclasses and one workshop in the following months based on the success of those we have held already this year:

Workshop 1 – Sunday 13th May, 2-4pm: Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension with Katrin Neue
Based on the success of her March workshop, we have asked Katrin to come back! Learn how to take back control of the muscles of your shoulders and neck, using the restorative power of gentle Somatic Movement Education. You will learn how to ease the tension without the use of equipment, painful interventions or stretching. Best of all – you can do this whenever you need it, without a therapist!

Masterclass 1 – Saturday 19th May, 2 – 3.30pm: Breathworks with Tara

The world we live in today is goal-driven. We try to do as much work as we can. Get as many errands done. Squeeze all that we can into our weekend. Running into fight & flight over and over again until our systems eventually give up, and slow us down with some sort fatigue, flu or injury. I have the skills to teach you to move off the hamster wheel, reduce stress and increase happiness. My experiences to date is the reason ‘why’ I teach this class! I guarantee you feel stronger and healthier after attending this class.

Our sensory motor system is continually responding to daily stresses with specific muscular reflexes, triggering unconscious responses to fight/flight. This sends our nervous system into over load. Learn ways to reduce stress, get off the hamster wheel and learn ways to reboot your system back to normal.

If you’re nodding yes to the above join me for a 90 min Breathworks masterclass. Where we will combine strength and balance with a unique sequence of three-dimensional movement. Learn new ways of integrating movement such as breath to free strains & stresses along with creating more energy in the body. And let’s face it we could all do with more energy right?

We will draw off Yoga and Pilates to create a sense of space. Ending with a 30 minute session of relaxation and meditation. Revealing a true balance within ourselves “allowing you to strive forward to a stronger healthier you.

Masterclass 2 – Sunday 27th May, 4-5.30pm:  Mindfulness with Ellen Shilling
“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have” Eckhart Tolle
Do you often find that:

  • you are unable to recall what others have said during a conversation?
  • you have no recollection of your daily commute?
  • you are eating at your desk without tasting your food?
  • you are paying more attention to your phone than to your nearest and dearest?
  • you are skim reading emails and articles?
  • you are dwelling on the past or dreading what the future holds?

If you are nodding your head then chances are that you are not in the moment, that you are distracted and caught up in your thoughts.
Mindfulness teaches you to be more present, deal with stress and anxiety and live your best life. Join Ellen for this 90 minute masterclass and learn how mindfulness can help you.
“Mindfulness taught me to slow down, be present, stop judging myself and just be me right now and be happy with it”.

Masterclass 3 – Saturday 23rd June, 2-3.30pm: Reduce Tension in the Hips, Glutes and Lower Back with Tara
Do you have lower back pain or restriction? Do you have tightness in your glutes?
These areas can dramatically restrict your every day movements. Come to this masterclass to:

  • Improve mobility getting in & out of car;
  • Reduce tension in the lower body;
  • Improve energy levels ie; standing for long hours;
  • Improve in your current sport – golf swing /tennis serve (mobility helps everything!); and
  • Improve overall general well-being.

Tara will prescribe exercises that increase mobility for tight & restricted joints along with strength exercises particularly for Low back & glute area . Using a variety of resistance bands , the unpredicable surface of the foam roller along with neuromuscular techniques. You will go home with a better understanding of exercises that are important for your body. To help you stay loser and stronger which will allow you to move for life!

Book your place, in the same way you book a class, by clicking here  and scrolling forward to the date of the class….€30 per masterclass class or 3 for €75. Workshops are €40 each.