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Spring Pop-Up Masterclasses

Our Pop-Up masterclasses are a fantastic way to complement regular Pilates practise and to learn more about your body and the reasons Pilates ‘works’ on so many levels. We have planned three masterclasses with our in-house instructors in the following months:

Sunday 11th February, 12.30pm – 2pm : Inside Out Abdominals with Katie

Katie will take you through a 90 minute journey of how to love and build strength to have a better relationship with this infamous part of your body.We all want a ‘strong core’ but what does this really mean? What are your core muscles and what is the best way to strengthen them? How else can you look after this area of the body? Join us and find out.
(Not suitable for those with herniated discs, osteoperosis/osteopenia or who are pregnant.)

Sunday 15th April, 2-3.30pm : Foam Roller Release with Anna

A 90 minute masterclass focused on using the foam roller (and other props) to release tension in the muscles using various techniques.  You will work through the three main kinetic chains in the body to ensure that all the kinks are removed! Suitable for all levels as well as for those with pain or with unresolved tightness in the body

Saturday 19th May, 2 – 3.30pm : Breathworks with Tara

A 90 minute masterclass for the curious and outrageous! An eclectic mix of Pilates, yoga, animal flow & breathworks. Bring your inner warrior! Expect a challenge, fun & stepping outside your comfort zone. Suitable for the fit and healthy (injury free) with some energy to burn as we come into Summer!

Book your place here sooner rather than later (just scroll forward to the date of the class) ….€30 per masterclass class or 3 for €75.