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Six Weeks to a Healthier You

Six Week Health Challenge

We all know the secret to feeling good inside and out is simple….regular exercise and a balanced diet (and plenty of sleep!). We also all know that this is often easier said than done despite best intentions when ‘normal’ life resumes in January. So we are going to make it simple for you with our six week health challenge which is tailored to work for you.

What is involved? One private Pilates session to get you started followed by 12 Pilates Group Classes (beginner/intermediate mat, barre, Springchair, over 55’s, pre/post natal) over a six week period;

And the additional option of…

– A two step individual nutritional analysis with Nutrition and Health Coach Gilly Taylor which includes an initial consultation (usually 1-1.5 hours) and a follow up meeting 3 weeks later (usually 1 hour) and/or

– Six one hour running classes with Catherina McKiernan starting on Wednesday 10th January at 10am

When? Whenever you feel like starting during the month of January (running with Catherina McKiernan starts on Wednesday 10th January);

Location? Reform Pilates Studio Blackrock, 2C Blackrock Main Street (entrance is via the DART side);


6 Week Pilates program – €119

6 Week Pilates plus Run with Catherina program – €229

6 Week Pilates plus Nutrition program – €279

6 Week Pilates plus Nutrition plus Run with Catherina program – €379

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For more details please read on below….

In 2018 our 6-week Health Challenge is designed to redirect your mind and body towards a healthier, happier and stronger you. A combination of Pilates and optional cardio fitness and healthy eating, the 6-week Health Challenge is the ultimate way to get off to a healthy start in 2018.

Pilates – You will start with a Private session one of our highly experienced instructors , if you are new to Pilates we will take you through the basic principles (posture, breath, muscle engagement) and basic exercises to make sure that you are comfortable with them before joining a class. If you have done Pilates before you can use this session as a recap or to use some of the Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Trapeze Table, Springchair, Ladder Barrel) under the guidance of your instructor.

Your instructor will then recommend which classes would be best for you and you will aim to attend 2 Pilates Group Classes (beginner/intermediate mat, barre, Springchair, over 55’s,pre/post natal) a week for the next six weeks. We have an extensive timetable to chose from so that you will have no difficulty in fitting in classes.

By the end of the Challenge you’ll have toned the muscles in your arms, legs, bum and the all-important deep abdominals, and you’ll feel stronger, leaner and taller. You’ll easily be able to detect a new strength in your core and you’re likely to be a little bit taller!

A Two Step Nutrition Consultation with Gilly Taylor (optional)

Step 1. Initial consultation (usually 1-1.5 hours).

This meeting will explore your health and medical background, family health history, digestive issues, skin problems, allergies, intolerance’s, sleep patterns, energy levels, lifestyle, exercise and fitness, setting goals, outline of tools to help you achieve your goals, food knowledge, eating habits, review of food diary (emailed min 1 week in advance of first meeting). After the meeting Gilly will email you the goals set and timelines agreed and any documents, links etc discussed.

Step 2. Follow up meeting 3 weeks later (usually 1 hour).

This will be a review of your experience over the 3 weeks to make adjustment to plan/goals set,  and answer questions you have on specific areas. Discuss in more detail nutrition/fitness topics of keen interest to you and set medium to long term goals and discuss how to achieve them.

Running Fitness and Form with Catherina McKiernan (optional) 

A 6-week running course with the amazing Catherina McKiernan teaching you Chi Running technique. You will improve your fitness and running technique by becoming mindful of your body position and having correct posture. Posture is the most important part of good running form. When you run with incorrect posture it causes fatigue, discomfort and eventually pain which can lead to long absences from running and loss of fitness.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Anna.

To book just select of the options below:

About Anna Frankland

Anna set up Reform Pilates in 2011 as she believes that everyone should practice Pilates regularly and if possible in a comfortable, friendly and professional environment. She loves the experience of working with clients of all backgrounds and with a team of experienced instructors. She particularly enjoy seeing the obvious benefits that Pilates brings to her client’s lives, particularly the confidence that it gives them in their bodies and themselves.

Anna first discovered Pilates in Sydney when recovering from an injury sustained from triathlon training 16 years ago. Prior to this  she had spent most of her spare time training and competing in triathlons at a national and international level.

Anna holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates and hold a certificate in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy from the National Training Centre. She has trained in both Studio and Mat Pilates with Polestar Pilates, an international training body with headquarters in the US and a training centre in Sydney. Polestar is a year-long intensive training course, which provides students with all the necessary knowledge and tools to be effective teachers.She is also a certified member of the International Pilates Method Alliance.

She is also a certified Pink Ribbon Pilates Instructor and Buff Bones Instructor

About Catherina McKiernan

Catherina McKiernan is a REAL running expert! She  loves to run and she wants to share her enjoyment and knowledge of effortless running with you.

As a multi world cross county medallist and Olympian, Catherina McKiernan is one of Ireland’s most successful sports women. Catherina’s outstanding achievements include wining silver at the World Cross Country championships, 4 years in row from 1992 to 1995  and  winning the inaugural European Cross Country title in 1994. She still holds the Irish Record for the marathon of 2:22 and was a previous winner of the prestigious Berlin Marathon in 1997 and London Marathon in 1998.

Since her retirement from professional athletics in 2004 Catherina’s running workshops and courses have helped thousands of people, of all levels to improve their fitness and learn to run effortless through the Chi technique.

About Gilly Taylor

Gilly Taylor, Nutrition and Health Coach, helps women and men to achieve their goals around nutritious food; healthy eating habits; weight management and active lifestyle. She does this through friendly and supportive one-to-one consultations and group workshops supplemented with meal planners, recipe suggestions and tailored shopping lists.

Gilly holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching. She is a working mum with a passion to empower others to adopt healthier habits that will last a lifetime.