pilates and the spine

Sit Up Straight!

As Pilates instructors we talk about posture a lot! It’s more important than you might think……

A good posture helps to achieve maximum flexibility, strength and resilience.  This leads to someone who moves well in their body, projecting a sense of self-confidence and grace.  It creates a taller stature in both sitting and standing, and dramatically improves overall physical and mental well-being.

A bad posture, most commonly the lazy slump, results in a thick waist, narrow chest, rounded shoulders and two inch shortening of natural height.  It draws energy as certain muscle groups are having to work harder, while other muscle groups become weaker creating muscular imbalances.

Poor posture causes collapse of the correct upright position the body was designed to optimally function in.  This can lead to digestive problems, poor circulation, chronic fatigue, increased muscular and joint pain, headaches, shortness of breath, difficulty maintaining optimal body weight and increased mental and or emotional stress.

Good daily postural habits directly relates to overall health and the ability to move the body without pain or risk of injury.

Thankfully regular Pilates practice encourages postural awareness whilst re-balancing the muscular system, to achieve the most efficient posture to help lead a fulfilling life.

Becky Philips, Reform Instructor and Physiotherapist