New Teen Pilates at Reform

We are delighted to announce that we will be starting a Teen Pilates class on Tuesday 10th May at 5pm with our newest addition to the Reform team, Laragh Mc Monagle. As exam time approaches this is an ideal opportunity for your teenager to take an hour out for themselves to enjoy the many benefits that Pilates can offer them (please read Laragh’s bio below for more information). Given the time of year, this class will be pay as you go (€10 per class) and can be booked online using our booking system (scroll forward to May 10th)

Here is some more information on Laragh and the class, we feel very lucky that she has decided to join us;

My passion for Pilates has evolved over the last six years. It was recommended to me after living for years with back problems and some surgery. It has enabled me gain core strength and spinal flexibility and practicing Pilates has become part of my everyday life.  On a personal level it has given me a confidence and body awareness that I never dared hope for.

I find sharing the benefits of Pilates a real joy, and that inspired me to train with Stott Pilates and become a certified matt work instructor. As a mother of two teenagers I have had first hand experience of practicing my new skills on them,  and  then chose to do part of my work experience working with young people . I am inspired by the positive reaction they have had to Pilates.

There are a lot of  different challenges facing teenagers. Pilates has much to offer in terms of enhancing core strength, flexibility, and endurance, which can be combined with their other activities and sports or it can stand alone, enhancing physical and mental wellbeing.  Exercises can be modified to suit individual needs and  can benefit teens of  all  levels of fitness and ability . It can also improve and bring awareness to  posture,  and alignment,  and this can be beneficial throughout life, especially if they are in society’s sedentary ,computer screen orientated life style .  The focus required when practising the Pilates  offers wonderful relief from tension and  stress, and  together with the physical changes brings a boost to the self confidence that will be rewarding in itself.

If you would like more information please contact Anna on 0876719670 or by email  (