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Group Classes

Our group classes, Mat, SpringChair and Ballet Barre, are based on the classical Pilates exercises d Joseph Pilates to work every muscle group of the body with particular emphasis on strengthening the core (abdominals, back and bum muscles).These exercises have been updated since they were first developed to account for the challenges that today’s lifestyles place on the body. Our Instructors use a range of Pilates small apparatus (magic circles, foam rollers, exercise bands etc) to ensure a varied class with continuous challenges.

Reform Pilates Dublin guarantees a maximum of 12 participants in a mat class (maximum 7 in a SpringChair class) so that you get the individual attention you need based on your strengths and weaknesses. Classes are run continuously so you can start any time. However we do recommend that you book in for a private session (Initial Consultation) if you are in pain or have never done Pilates before).

Check out this pilates video to see how it can be done at an advanced level.

Beginner Pilates Mat Class @ Reform Pilates

This class is suitable for those who are either completely new to Pilates or those who have completed 12 classes or less. It will take you through the Reform Pilates key exercises and teach you how to use Pilates outside of the class to strengthen your core, improve your posture and get rid of minor aches and pains. If you have never done Pilates before we suggest that you call us to arrange for an Initial Consultation before starting classes. An Initial Consultation is a 45 minute private session during which we will conduct a postural analysis, introduce you to the principles of Pilates and advise on which group classes are suitable for you.

Intermediate Pilates Mat Class @ Reform Pilates

This class is for those who have completed at least 12 beginner classes with Reform Pilates or another studio. It assumes that you are familiar with the key Pilates principles (although they will also be covered in class) and that you are looking for an increased challenge in your workout.

BellyUp Prenatal Mat and SpringChair Class @ Reform Pilates

This class is suitable for all those over 12 weeks pregnant with a low risk pregnancy (if your pregnancy is categorised as high risk please provide a doctor’s note to say it is safe for you to attend class). Reform Pilates prenatal classes are customized to individual needs and goals. The overriding goal of pre-natal Pilates is to maintain core strong to support the back, hips, and stomach and to help during childbirth. As a bonus, many Pilates mums find that postpartum recovery is faster because of the existing core strength and muscle awareness. Pilates mums find that they get back into shape faster, have fewer physical complaints during and after pregnancy, and have easier deliveries!

BellyUp Postnatal Pilates Mat Class @ Reform Pilates

This class is suitable for all mothers who are at least six weeks post partum (normal delivery) or 10 weeks post partum (C-section). Pilates can be a fast, safe and effective way to get in shape after having a baby. Initially we focus on reconnecting the walls of abdominal muscles that were stretched throughout pregnancy.After core strength is re-established, the postnatal program is customized to target those specific areas needing and wanting tone, strength, and stretch. Some Pilates mums find that their postpartum body is in better shape than their body before baby. You are welcome to bring your babies to this class. They can lie beside you if they are awake. Please consider that there are stairs leading up to the studio so you will not be able to bring strollers. Babies are welcome up until the age of one year.

Over 50s Pilates Mat and SpringChair Class @ Reform Pilates

These classes uses traditional Pilates exercises to improve core strength from the inside using the pelvic floor muscles. They also focuses on increasing flexibility while improving spinal mobility for men and women over 50. They are completely safe for those with low bone density (osteopenia/osteoperosis) and beneficial for those with arthritis.

Ballet Barre Pilates

A combination of Ballet and Pilates inspired movements done at a fast pace at a barre and on the mat. This dynamic workout not only burns fat & calories but will also tone and elongate your muscles, sculpt your arms and work your bum and thighs. As much of the class is done in a standing position you will also notice an improvement in your posture.

No Ballet or Pilates experience is required to attend this class as you will be taught every thing you need to know to get the body of a dancer without years of effort.


A Pilates mat class for teenagers to fill the gap between study and sports by improving alignment and posture, increasing body awareness and protecting against injury. Low back pain is thought to commence as early as childhood or adolescence. Resistance training in youth has several established benefits including increased bone health, reduction in sports-related injuries (including low back-related injuries) and improved concentration levels.

No Pilates experience is necessary to join this class. Suitable for 13 – 17 year olds.

Men’s SpringChair Challenge 

Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates, a body builder, gymnast, boxer and circus performer who dedicated his life to improving his health.  The very first practitioners of his technique were male athletes, boxers and soldiers. Today it is practised by professional sportsmen the world over from members of the All Blacks to Tiger Woods to improve their performance and reduce incidence of injuries.
Our SpringChair Challenge will address the common causes of back pain. It will also help to improve your athletic performance. All of the exercises in this class will help you build a strong abdominal core musculature, which can prevent and and decrease back pain, improve your posture, increase your peripheral joint mobility, body awareness and will work optimally in conjunction with any sports activity you may be currently involved in.


For class prices please see the Fees page.

Our studio provides you with all equipment necessary to attend any session or class (there is no need to bring a mat). Clothing should be flexible, form fitting and comfortable. Classes and sessions are performed in socks to maintain a high level of hygiene.