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Anna Frankland

Anna Frankland - Director Reform Pilates Blackrock DublinAnna first discovered Pilates in Sydney when recovering from an injury sustained from triathlon training six years ago. Prior to her discovery she spent most of her time training and competing in triathlons at a national and international level. Anna believes that had she found Pilates sooner it could have greatly helped to prevent the many injuries which resulted in her having to take time off from training.

Since then, Anna has practiced Pilates on a frequent basis including up until the week before the birth of her twin girls. She believes that it greatly assisted with her postnatal recovery and has given her the energy she has needed to keep up with them as toddlers!

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She holds a Diploma in Professional Pilates having trained in both Studio and Mat Pilates with Polestar Pilates, an international training body with headquarters in the US and a training centre in Sydney. Polestar is a year-long intensive training course, which provides students with all the necessary knowledge and tools to be effective teachers.


She has also completed a course in Women’s Health specializing in pre- and post-natal Pilates and has studied Anatomy and Physiology at Nature Care College in Sydney.

Anna has worked in a number of Pilates studios in Sydney teaching over 600 hours of mat classes and studio (equipment based) classes. She also established her own corporate Pilates business bringing the benefits of mat based Pilates to Sydney’s corporate sector. Anna really enjoys working with clients of all backgrounds and loves seeing the obvious benefits that Pilates brings to their lives.

In her previous life Anna worked for many years in the Dublin & Sydney venture capital industry, investing in, and mentoring, start up companies across a broad range of industries.

“Anna is a delight to work with. Clients appreciated her sense of humour and clarity of Pilates instruction. Anna worked closely with experienced Physiotherapists, with a variety of clients doing Pilates for rehabilitation and with clients wanting a challenging Pilates workout in the studio setting”
Susie Bond, Physiotherapist, Director of Evolution Pilates, Sydney

“Anna is a fantastic instructor. Her classes at the Sydney offices of BCG Consulting were the best attended of any of the company’s organised recreational activities. Her knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, Pilates kept us all highly motivated and the class participants all noticed significant improvements in their core strength and posture within a few sessions”
Rachel Swift, Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, Sydney

“Anna taught both mat and studio (reformer, trapeze, chair and barrel) classes at my studio, MG Pilates, in Sydney. She taught alongside my team of experienced instructors and has shown herself to be a very competent and effective instructor. MG Pilates has a large and diverse client base, including rehab patients, pre and post natal women and athletes. In the studio environment, Anna worked with each type of client, devising customised programs to ensure that they achieved their individual long term goals while at the same time leaving every session feeling great!”
Melissa Patterson, Director and Founder, MG Pilates, Sydney

Tara Fallon

Tara Fallon - Instructor at Reform Pilates Blackrock DublinIn addition to her STOTT PILATES full certification, Tara holds a degree in Leisure Management and a in Neuromuscular & Physical therapy. She has studied with many of the world’s leading experts in the field of fitness and exercise rehabilitation including Tom Myers, Melanie Byford-Young & Sherri Betz, as well as training with STOTT PILATES Master Instructor Trainers Renee Peuizzo & Raphael Bender.

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Tara has been in the fitness & pilates Industry for 15 years. She ran her own Rehab & Pilates studio in Ireland for 8 years. She then moved to Melbourne with her husband for 2 years, before returning back to Ireland to join Reform Pilates in 2011.

Tara has presented workshops for a number of organisations, including Triathlon Ireland & APMA Australia Pilates Method Alliance. She has thousands of hours experience working with tri-athletes & footballers.

Tara specialises in one to one sessions, she has extensive experience with injured clients. Her areas of interest include, lumbar disc injuries, knee injuries, whip lash injuries, neck & shoulder injuries.

Andrea Green

Andrea Green PIlates Dublin
After discovering the endless benefits of Pilates for her own body and wellbeing Andrea gave up a rewarding career in the analytical science field and qualified as a Pilates Instructor and Fitness Trainer, completing her initial Pilates Instructor training with a respected physiotherapy based program in Australia. Since 2008 she has been working in the fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

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Within the fitness industry she gained further specific qualifications and her main focus was in strength training for women, interval and circuit group sessions, older adult exercise, water based exercise, and of course Pilates! From her experience gained working with a varied population of clients, she strongly believes that Pilates has applications for every type of body and for every kind of activity. After relocating to Ireland in summer 2011 Andrea’s focus is on specializing in Pilates, continuing her education with the internationally recognized Balanced Body Instructor training program and she is delighted to be part of the Reform Team.

Becky Philips

Becky is an experienced physiotherapist who trained and graduated from King’s College London. She competed as a sprint kayaker at international level for many years and discovered Pilates as an important adjunct to her training to avoid injury and maximise performance. She began her Pilates instructor training whilst working in New Zealand and then completed her qualifications through the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, including ante and post-natal Pilates.

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As well as teaching Pilates classes, Becky clinically assesses and treats individuals to assist the overcoming of injury and pain. Through the use of Pilates Becky is able to develop body awareness to avoid injury and realise the body’s potential. In addition she has comprehensive knowledge and experience of rehabilitation to return to work and achieving a good work-life balance. As a mother of two young children she is all too aware of the benefits of Pilates in regaining strength and posture. Becky has furthered her Pilates professional development with Body Balance and is a strong advocate of Pilates as a physiotherapy treatment.

Lisa Murphy

Lisa holds a national qualification in exercise, health studies and Personal Training and qualified as a Pilates Instructor from The National Training Centre Dublin. For as long as she can remember, she has always been active, playing sports, running and just enjoying life. Having completed a number of marathons and half marathons Lisa realised the benefits of pilates in preventing injuries. She took this love of fitness and became a qualified Personal trainer and Pilates instructor.

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Lisa’s goal as a personal trainer/ pilates instructor is to motivate, inspire and educate others about the benefits of exercising and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. As a qualified Social Care Worker Lisa work’s daily with people with disabilities and mental illness she saw the physical and mental benefits of pilates and recognised how the importance of exercise is to their lives, it is more than just your appearance exercise makes us feel better and live healthier. With patience and persistence anyone can achieve realistic goals, including high self-esteem, confidence, and the body you desire. She strives to create a personal relationship with all her clients. She enjoys teaching Pilates to people of all levels. She likes to make to each class challenging, but also encourages her clients to have fun and to enjoy pilates and all of its benefits. Lisa looks forward to advancing her pilates education.

Melissa Vincent

Melissa started practicing Pilates over 15 years ago. A former competitive gymnast and team sports player, she found with regular Pilates practice she could maintain her flexibility, overall body strength and fitness. Her love of Pilates led her to train as instructor with Progressive Pilates Academy. Qualified to teach Beginner to Level 2 Mat Pilates, she is also Pre and Post Natal certified. She has also trained with Balanced Body and STOTT Pilates.

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Melissa’s training is ongoing and she regularly attends workshops so as to bring lots of different elements to her classes. She is also a certified Baby Massage Instructor. A busy mum of two little girls, she practiced and taught Pilates throughout both her pregnancies and saw the endless benefits in doing so, both during and post pregnancy. Melissa has a particular interest in Pregnancy Pilates, and enjoys working with clients right throughout their pregnancy journey, ensuring safe and effective practice for a healthy mum and baby.
She is delighted to join the team at Reform!