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Lucy’s Blog – from 3 to 5 to 10 to 21

……. minutes I have run, all in one go, without stopping. Phew! Exhausting, didn’t think I could do it, but kept going in spite of it! I’m not saying I would bypass Sonia O’ Sullivan, but at the start of the programme I could barely run 1 minute. I built this up slowly to 5 minutes, and then to 10. The 21 minutes was less than the target 22, but hey, who’s counting! That’s 20 more than when I started. I find it a struggle, that’s for sure and sometimes I don’t make it to 20, or even 10, but will keep practicing. Road Runner. Beep Beep.

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An Animated History of Pilates

Have you ever wondered where is all started? Check this out

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Catherina McKiernan to join Operation Reformation!

Please email Anna at anna@reformpilates,ie to book your spot. The workshop is FREE to all Operation Reformation participants. Catherina will go through running technique, training and racing. She will also take us out for a run.

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Reform Gets Cooking!

Looking for some new ideas for dinners?

Based on all the feedback that we got from the nutrition workshops in the studio,  we thought it might be of interest to some of you to attend a cookery demonstration which will focus on how to put Beth’s nutrition advice into practice.

So on Thursday 7th March, the Dublin Cookery School in Blackrock will be the location for an evening of demonstrations on how to cook easy and healthy meals and snacks.

The evening will start at 7pm, when you arrive to a glass of prosecco and canapés or tea/coffee.  Each person attending will receive a recipe booklet, the recipes will demonstrated and there will be lots of substantial tastings on offer of what’s been cooked on the night.  You will also enjoy a glass of wine or two throughout the demonstration and it should finish up around 9.30pm.

We will post the details of the what will be cooked on the night shortly however we need an indication of levels of interest before tomorrow to determine whether it will go ahead. Please post up here or email me at

The cost will depend on how many are interested, it will be between €45 and €55 for the evening.

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Why do you do Pilates?

Why do you do Pilates?

Here is one client’s reason for doing studio classes:
I started the studio classes because my glutes just didn’t work, they wouldn’t engage at all. This was causing me quite a lot of back pain and quad strain too.

I had been doing mat classes for a few months but I just felt I wasn’t concentrating on the glutes enough. I am absolutely delighted to say that after about 2 months of studio classes I discovered muscles that I never knew existed. Now on the bike, in the pool, and even just walking, my glutes fire and I can feel power coming from them which never happened before. The back pain is also gone and I’ve had compliments on an improved posture too.

I couldn’t be happier with all that Anna and the girls have done for me and I would recommend the studio classes for anyone who has a problem area that needs attention.

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