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Reform Pelvic Floor Workshop

Reform Pilates is delighted to announce that women’s health physiotherapist Sinead O’Loughlin will be coming to the studio on Saturday, 21st June at 11.30am to present a workshop on the Pelvic Floor.

The most recognised word associated with pelvic floor exercise is “Kegel”, a gynaecologist who reported success with pelvic floor exercise in a group of women as far back as 1948. A Google search will bring up approximately 700,000 results, where the vast majority of instructions will be to “tighten” the pelvic floor.

The basis of Pilates is to strengthen the core and activation of the pelvic floor within this is inherent to good core control. Many men and women “cannot find” their pelvic floor however and are frequently at a loss as to why this may be and to how to progress further. Over time, the pelvic floor is subject to stress and load as a result of poor posture, childbirth, toileting or possibly even for hereditary reasons. It is highly likely that the muscles of the pelvic floor need further instruction in changing the negative tension that they hold before usual rehabilitation. This involves altering breathing and abdominal holding patterns to facilitate better pelvic floor activation. The usual Pilates principles are then applied.

This workshop will help participants to understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor and the associated complications arising from a tight or weak pelvic floor. Participants will then be taught how to correctly engage and release the pelvic floor using a series of specific mat exercises.

The workshop will run from 11.30am – 1pm and can accommodate a maximum of 15 people. The cost of the workshop is €30, please email Anna Frankland at to secure your place as soon as possible.

Course Tutor:
Sinead O’Loughlin
Sinead O’Loughlin BSc MSc MPHty is a women’s health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist based in Monkstown, Co. Dublin. She has 16 years of clinical experience since graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 1998, nine of which were spent at Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic, working with and training under Maeve Whelan. Maeve is a specialist women’s health physiotherapist, known for her hands on approach to the pelvic floor. Alongside her work as a physiotherapist, Sinead is also a yoga teacher, Pilates teacher and Craniosacral therapist and draws from all of these disciplines to approach pelvic floor dysfunction in a holistic way.
See for more information.

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Looking for a Reason to Join Operation Reformation?

Here are a few great ones…

“When I started OR I couldn’t run for 1 minute without feeling a total mess. I don’t think I had run since being forced to do so in school. Now thanks to Anna and Andrea’s help and the support of all the gang in OR I have run up to 8km and can run 5km comfortably. It’s hard work but you feel such a great sense of achievement with every milestone you reach”- Tara, Operation Reformation Participant (2013 – present)

“I received Anna’s email to launch OR in early Jan 2013 when I had had an (over) indulgent Christmas and new year so it was perfect timing to prompt my fitness promise I had made to myself for 2013. I had loved Anna / Andrea’s pilates classes but realistically thought I would be completely unable to run. However I decided to give it a go! Within a short number of weeks I was able to run 5k and, as Anna / Andrea had promised within 20 weeks I ran the mini marathon! No one was more surprised at this than I was. The program gave me a massive sense of accomplishment and also a whole new circle of lovely like minded girls who I now look forward to meeting every week. 12 months on, I’m delighted to be back for the Jan kick start program and just couldn’t recommend Anna / Andrea and the program highly enough!”- Lisa, Operation Reformation Participant (2013 – present)

“I have always wanted to be a casual runner. Just to be able to put on a pair of runners and go outside for a run… good clean exercise without having to sign up for gym membership. I had my doubts but OR is exactly what I needed to kick start my dream of being able to run and I am so glad I did… in 20 weeks I went from running for 1 minute to running the Women’s Mini Marathon in under 1 hour. It was hard work but the sense of achievement is huge.. This programme really works. With the help and support of Anna and Andrea and our wonderful running group 1 year on I am still running and love it… thank you!”- Laura, Operation Reformation Participant (2013 – present)

“If you had told me this time last year that I would be regularly participating in 5 and 10k events I wouldn’t have believed it! I used to hate running but thanks to the team at Reform I am now well and truly converted! Their support and advice has encouraged us all the way. They take a personal interest in everybody who comes the doors, really going the extra mile to make the programme an enjoyable one for everyone. One year on and I’ve had no injuries either which is testament to the benefits of complementing running with Pilates. The various activities arranged during the programme also helped to keep us on track and kept us motivated, as did the great camaraderie amongst the group as we helped each other to get to the end of each run. I have never taken on a challenge like this before and but I’m glad I did. I can honestly say the hardest part was going along that first day- after that it gets easier and whilst you do have to put in the work the programme is designed to build up slowly in a manageable way. As a result, it is the only fitness regime that I’ve ever stuck to consistently so no more paying for gym membership that I never end up using!”- Eilis, Operation Reformation Participant (2013 – present)

“I joined OR with a friend as we made our usual New Years resolution to get active…But unlike all the other programmes/ clubs I have joined in the past I stuck with this one much to my surprise ! It is a combination of the flexible schedule ( which is great if time is an issue as it is for most ) the great company from the gang, the coaches and the variety which makes this a great programme …the emphasis is on being active safely which is brilliant . I would not hesitate in recommending this programme to anyone – you won’t regret it !”
– Siobhan, Operation Reformation Participant (2013 – present)

To enquire or book please call Anna on 087 671 9670 or mail Anyone is welcome to join program. We need a minimum of 10 to go ahead.

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Lose 5lbs in 5 mins (and keep it off for 2014)?

Then fix your Posture….

Consistent Pilates training gives fantastic core strength and supports the development of a balanced body. However, once your posture is in alignment, you really can look longer and leaner. In no time, you can look and most importantly, feel your best. Here’s how:


This is a simple and easy scan that you can do literally anywhere. This quick visualisation practice has the added benefit of helping you let go of stress as you realign your body. Let’s mix it up and start from the top:

HEAD: Imagine balloons attached to the tips of your ears, assisting you as you lift and balance your head equally around the neck.

NECK: Visualise tiny air pockets making room and creating extra length between each of the bones of your spine helping you to greet the world at your full height.

COLLAR BONES: Shrug your shoulders and come to rest with the collar bones wide open. Imagine writing your full name across those collarbones. Be sure everyone can read who you are from across the room.

CHEST: Now that you’ve announced yourself, shine that proud chest and open heart for the world to see. Take a deep inhale and exhale.

(You’re nearly halfway there: Don’t sink or cave in to your ribs!)

SHOULDER BLADES: Feel the shoulders gently gliding and sliding down your back, toward your pelvis and away from the ears.

SPINE: As you breathe evenly and deeply, lengthen the spine and imagine creating more of those extra cushions of space between each of the vertebra.

RIB CAGE: Feel the ribs separate from the pelvis creating space at your sides and torso. Absorb that great feeling of length.

ABS: Lengthen up and in. The only time those abdominals should be fully released is when you are sleeping, so take care not to lead with your belly.

GLUTES: Release your booty into the lower body. There’s no need for squeezing or tucking here. Tensing means contracting, the opposite of length.

LEGS: Imagine you can peel away the layers of skin and muscle to reveal your bones. See them stack in an organized and solid manner. Feel your sitz bones (at the bottom of your pelvis) lengthening down to the heels. Create a grounding sense of weight in the legs, and feel those heavy bones making a firm foundation for you to walk through the world.

FEET: Spread the bones of your toes and feel the feet like roots of a tree going down to the earth. Become aware of each toe, the ball of the feet, and the heels firmly and evenly on the ground.

Finally, from that deep, grounded feeling, draw an imaginary line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. You are simultaneously grounded and lengthened. Feel those oppositional forces, and just like that, a willowy, winnowy, winsome you!

For a quick(er) posture check: in your car, on the bus, at your desk, focus on the top half of the scan, down to your seat, and notice how much taller you’ll be sitting in no time! Think posture scan as you greet each day for a taller, leaner and more confident you!

(taken from Pilates Style (, January 2014)


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January 2014 Operation Reformation Launch

Operation Reformation is a successful twenty week program starting on 19th January 2014 designed to show you how to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is not a bootcamp or a crazy exercise + diet regime, it is a sustainable way to get fit and healthy and stay fit and healthy with other like-minded people. More importantly it will make you feel great, help you lose weight and give you more energy to get through the demands of daily life.

It is NOT for experienced runners. Everyone will take it at their own pace based on their fitness levels.

The goal for all participants is the completion of a 5km run after week 10 and completion of the Flora Ladies Mini Marathon after 20 weeks. The program will focus on three areas:
1. Healthy eating through realistic nutritional advice
2. Fitness through running
3. Flexibility and toning through Pilates

No one can know it all so we bring a team approach to helping people attain their goals. Each member of our team has been there, done that and has the t-shirt to prove it. Take Beth McCluskey, the food scientist. Beth has presented Ireland in both mountain biking and cross-country running and in her spare time picked up a MSc in Food Science and Nutrition from DIT. Anna Frankland and Catherina McKiernan plus some guest speakers will keep you motivated and, fingers crossed, injury free on the road to 5km.

Kick Start: 10 weeks to 5km program (initial training program + 1 Pilates mat class per week + nutrition and running workshops + all organised runs) – €180 (€18 per week)

Home Stretch: 20 weeks to 10km program (initial training program + 1 Pilates mat class + nutrition and running workshops + all organised runs) – €320 (€16 per week)

All sessions will be run out of Reform’s custom studio in Blackrock.


Running is the easiest and most effective way of getting fit. It challenges your cardiovascular system as well as both your upper and lower body. You can do it anytime anywhere and it costs nothing. It is not always fun but it works! We will be starting with a combination of walking interspersed with short runs and building up to running 10km over 20 weeks.

As you may already know from experience, Pilates is a brilliant way to make you strong, toned and flexible while at the same time improving your posture. Running and core exercises are made for each other as Pilates gives you the strength you need to run efficiently and injury free.

Everyone knows that proper nutrition is the key to your health. What most people do not know is how to adapt their current diets with minimal dispuption (and gimmicks) so that they are fueling their body to achieve both their performance and weight goals.

The Program

Week 1 (Sunday, 19th Janaury): An initial training session with Anna and Andrea. For most people this will involve a brisk walk followed by some key core exercises and stretching. Anna and Andrea will also take you through the training program and prep for the nutritional workshop.

1. You will be given a one week food and activity diary to complete and return to Beth in advance of her nutrition workshop.

2. All participants will be expected to exercise 4 times p/wk (according to the program), this will involve 3 sessions of walking/running for up to 45 mins plus 15 mins of core exercises + stretching. The 4th session will be a 1 hr Pilates class at Reform Dublin.

Week 2 and Every Week: There will be two (optional) organised sessions from the studio led by Anna followed by core exercises and stretching. These sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm and Saturday mornings at 8.15am.

Week 3: Beth will workshop with you how to fuel yourself for your new lifestyle. Controlled weight loss, meal modifications/suggestions, review of the food diaries will be covered and much more.

Week 10: We will hold a 5km informal run.

Week 11 -20 : We will continue increasing the run distances and hold a running technique workshop.

Week 20: We will complete the 2014 Flora Ladies Mini Marathon

“When I started OR I couldn’t run for 1 minute without feeling a total mess. I don’t think I had run since being forced to do so in school. Now thanks to Anna and Andrea’s help and the support of all the gang in OR I have run up to 8km and can run 5km comfortably. It’s hard work but you feel such a great sense of achievement with every milestone you reach”
- Tara, Operation Reformation Participant (2013 – present)

“Operation reformation is based on what I have learnt over the past 10 years as both a semi-pro triathlete and now as a mother of twins, Pilates instructor and busy business owner. Exercise and healthy eating is not rocket science, does not have to be expensive and even though it sometimes is the last thing you want to do, you always feel the better for it. ”
– Anna Frankland, Director Reform Dublin

BOOK NOW or call 087 671 9670 or email

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Gentlebirth Comes to Reform

Stack the odds in your favour of having a positive birth for you, your baby and your partner with a GentleBirth antenatal workshop.

GentleBirth is a complete childbirth preparation programme that teaches easy self hypnosis techniques which enable you to feel calm, confident and in control throughout your pregnancy and during your labour. GentleBirth preparation weekend workshops combine birth hypnosis (deep relaxation for pregnancy and labour) and active birthing principles enabling couples to have empowered, confident birth experiences with or without medical intervention at home or at the hospital.

The workshop is for parents who want to be actively involved in decision making and prefer to have an understanding of what choices are available to them for labour and birth in Ireland. You and your partner will learn a LOT more than just self hypnosis. Hypnosis is just one of the many tools you’ll have to use on the big day depending on your individual experiences.

It’s no secret that most hospital classes don’t prepare Dads adequately for birth. In most classes Dads are sidelined and not expected to be involved during the birth. Your partner has a huge role in your baby’s birth and most Dads are very eager to understand what they can do to help. During the workshop you and your partner develop a clear understanding of how to navigate and negotiate the overstretched busy Irish maternity system confidently and calmly. Dads/birth partners appreciate the importance of their role as birth supporter, facilitator and advocate on this very special day.

The first GentleBirth workshop at Reform with your instructor Sylda Dwyer takes place on 5th & 6th October. On Saturday the workshop runs from 1pm to 6pm and on Sunday from 9am to 3pm. The cost of the workshop is €375 and includes the GentleBirth Program box set of 8 CDs and GentleBirth guide book. For more information including workshops dates throughout 2013 and to reserve your place, go to .

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