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Pilates Anatomy 101

Reform Dublin PilatesOne of the more understated benefits of doing Pilates class is that you get to learn some anatomy while also strengthening your core, improving your posture and lengthening and toning your muscles.

However, I do get the occasional glazed look when I mention certain parts of the body so here is a quick A-Z of some of the most commonly mentioned bones and muscles referred to in class:

‘Abs’ (Abdominals) – collective name for your tummy muscles (which includes rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus and the internal and external obliques)
Calves – the muscles at the back of the leg below the knee
‘Glutes’ (Gluteals) – a collective name for the three muscles that make up the buttocks
Hamstrings – the muscles at the back of the thigh
Lumbar Spine – the lower part of the back
Obliques – the abdominal muscles that run down the side of the abdominals
Pelvic Floor – if you don’t know this one you need to come to class more often!
‘Quads’ (Quadriceps) –the muscles at the front of the thigh
Sacrum – the part of the spine that runs through your pelvis
Scapula – the shoulder blade
Sternum – the chest bone
Tailbone – the very base of your spine
Thoracic Spine – the upper part of the back

Finally, if you are not sure of any another term used in class, please make sure to ask.

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