Reform Pilates is a dedicated Pilates studio overlooking Dublin Bay in Blackrock, Co Dublin. Our classes are taught by a small group of internationally trained instructors completely passionate about bringing the benefits of Pilates to everyone Our tagline is to ‘Love the Body You Live In’ and the studio director, Anna Frankland, has a special interest in Pilates for women’s health. We offer group classes on the mat and the Springchair for everyone, as well as dedicated classes for pre and post natal clients, the over 50's, and Teenagers. Since 2015 we also offer Ballet Barre classes for those looking to 'feel the burn'!

In addition to group classes, we offer private and semi private classes for those recovering from surgery and injuries or those with specific goals. Participants in these classes use large pieces of Pilates apparatus; Reformer, Cadillac, WundaChair and Spine Corrector. In 2015 we launched the Pink Ribbon Programme, a clinical Pilates program for women recovering from breast cancer related surgery.

Recover. Reflect. Restore.

For triathletes, athletes, runners, cyclists and anyone active. A post race masterclass for mind and body We all know how importance recovery is for performance in sport (and life!) but how many of us know how to recover or give ourselves the time to do so? Come and let us show you how. Time and … [Learn More...]

Your Post-Baby Body (& how to safely strengthen it)

Your Post-Baby Body (and How to Safely Strengthen It) Pregnancy and labour inevitably changes our bodies, however those changes are rarely discussed and new Mums are expected to 'bounce back'. Associated problems often go unaddressed, despite often being easily solved. During this 2 hour workshop, … [Learn More...]